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2020 Critical Issues

Council members vote each year to determine which industry challenges, or critical issues, will be the Council’s focus for the year ahead.

Business Model Disruption & Innovation

Assuming the organization is mortal, innovation serves as an insurance policy against disruption.

Increasing Operational Efficiency and Excellence in Innovation

Merging broad innovation initiatives with operational improvements.

Aligning Innovation with Evolving Corporate Strategy

The drive for generative innovation including white space, adjacent business domains, and blue sky thinking is a top down initiative.

Customer Experience Ecosystem Strategy

Solve customer problems by creating a unique customer experience to enter new markets, drive growth, enable efficiencies, and increase loyalty and retention. 

Realizing Successful External Partnerships

Building external ecosystems are essential for future innovation that enables sustainable outcomes.

Data Driven Growth

Leveraging data to enable new ways of problem solving to drive key outcomes. 

Attend Site Tours, In Person & Virtual Events

Connect monthly with peers from a wide range of industries and functions to share insights and solve real-world problems with proven strategies. A balance of in person and virtual events throughout the year gives you access to deep discussions so you can build your expertise and deepen your professional relationships.

"I've been able to apply strategies or tactics used in other industries to our industry with success."

–Russ Schneidewind, Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, HydraForce Inc.

"Where else can someone from the Oil and Gas industry have a dialogue with thought leaders from Healthcare, Aerospace, Transportation, Technology, Finance, etc., to solve problems? I like stepping out of my day-to-day bubble to engage with such a fantastic network of colleagues."

–John Cote, Global Marketing Leader, Baker Hughes

"The GIL Council's monthly calls and in-person meetings are a great way to learn from others in innovation roles, across the spectrum of innovation maturity."

–Donna Moats, Formerly, Senior Director, Marketing Business Partner, PAREXEL International

Access Expert Insights & Research

Gain 24-7 access to a rich knowledge base of timely, relevant and important research, presentations and executive summaries focused on a wide range of Growth, Innovation and Leadership critical issues. Armed with these expert insights, you’ll be poised to navigate the rapid changes in business with confidence.

Extend Value To Your Internal Teams Online

Leveraging the power of a robust online platform for connection and education, you and select members of your executive team can network with peers around the world, accelerate your learning and pass along value to your internal teams.

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